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a major intersection shut down and that is impacting the morning commute. >> a man found shot to death in his home in a quiet neighborhood. what police are saying about the case this morning as a search for a suspect continues. fox 5 morning news starts right now. lots and lots of heat coming our way as we look outside this morning. already warm and i sound like a stuck record but it is hot
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outside and it is going to continue to be that way and get even worse according to tucker barnes. it is his fault. not really. thank you very much for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. we do have i traffic alert this morning. >> it is in arlington, washington boulevard at north glebe road. inorganic glebe road is closed because of an accident involving an arlington county police officer. the officer is? serious condition. one other vehicle was also involved. we'll have more on how this is impact the morning commute in just a minute. trying to see how the hot weather might impact the electrical grid as well. everybody is cranking up the air conditioning units. pepco says capacity is not an issue. just in cearks pepco is asking everyone to conserve energy if possible. pepco advises customers to set their thermostats at 78 degrees
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and close your blinds. -- just in case, pepco is asking everyone to conserve energy if possible. >> i'm getting your angle. you're starting to set up to blame the weather guy. >> we know it is not your fault really. you are just the bearer of the bad news. jete suggest the stage here for this -- >> setting the stage here for the hot temperatures. no widespread cool air on the horizon any time soon. our temperatures out to the west are downright dangerously hot and that will be headed in our direction a little later today and really start to set the stage for triple digit heat tomorrow. 80 now at reagan national. we are up two degrees in the past hour.
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77 in baltimore. 72 in winchester. 76 in ocean city. here is your forecast. plenty of sunshine. i think more sunshine than yesterday. just a few passing clouds. hot, humid, could be an isolated storm later today. we'll be over 100 tomorrow. more details on that in just a minute. we talked about what is happening in arlington. let's check in with lauren to find out what else is happening in the world of traffic. >> good morning to you men. we'll start off talking about maryland and bridge county. 301 between central avenue and queen anne road, we have reports of an accident. and also new hampshire avenue at oakview drive. all dealing with a water main break. sky fox just got to the scene. it is georgia avenue. this is at shorefield road just south of randolph road. look at. this this is a mess there. of we've got the intersection blocked off. you cannot access jim moran
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south of randolph and if you are traveling northbound past arcola drive, you will then be turned around. so georgia avenue shut down at shorefield road. let's take a live look elsewhere. as you travel in arlington, this is what we're talking about. glebe road closed at washington boulevard for the accident involving a police officer up fortunately. you want to think about george mason as an alternate and expect delays if you are traveling on arlington, also wilson boulevard and 29 lee highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. lets ahe get more now on the accident involving the arlington county police officer. >> that officer was seriously hurt and the investigation is expected to affect the morning commute. it happened near washington boulevard and north glebe road in arlington and that is where fox 5's stacy cohan is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning again. here is what is happening. the accident scene is still a very active investigation and will be for some time. if you take a look, you can see
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just behind the investigator with the fluorescent pole, there is a vehicle on the median. that is the civilian vehicle about. 15yards in front of is it an suv. that is the law enforcement officer's vehicle. apartnerly the officer from arlington was heading southbound on north glebe road when he encountered this other vehicle. the car collided. the officer was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital. the civilian in the vehicle was also injured although we are told her injuries are not serious. we don know much other than the officer is a five-year veteran and was responding to a call to a fight at the ballston mall. we have asked if he had his lights and sirens operating at the time. that question remains unanswered. there was some question as to alcohol or speed on the part of the civilian. one traffic note is a, if you are on north glebe road heading towards washington boulevard, you can access that ramp to 66.
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so although this roadway is shut down, if you are heading southbound on north glebe road in the direction of this accident, can you still access route 66. that is some good news. officer have not within able to tell us exactly when their investigation will be concluded and when this huge intersection will be reopened. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> thank you very much for that report. we continue to follow a developing story in north virginia. a 75-year-old man shot to death. police found the body of gary hanson around 6:00 p.m. officers canvassed the area warning neighbors to stay indoors but did not make any arrests. an all-point bull din has been issued for the victim's son, richard hanson. it is due to a medical issue. he may be driving a 199# green fore-door saturn with virginia plates klg 2406. soy check our other top
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stories, there was some progress on capitol hill on fixing the budget last night. the house passed a tea party- backed bill that slices federal spending but it is not going anywhere in the democrat- controlled senate. a new abc "washington post" poll found 80% of those surveyed are dissatisfied or even angry with the way the government is working. it is british prime minister david cameron's turn on the hot seat to answer questions about the phone hacking scandal. rupert murdoch said he was ashamed of what has happened but he is not to blame. he said he had known nothing of allegations that staff hacked into cell phones and bribed police to get information on celebrities, politicians and crime victims. also said he never would have approved such horrible
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invasions of privacy. >> do you september that ultimately, you are responsible for the whole fiasco. >> no. >> you are not responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they trusted. >> a protester tried to throw what and to be i flight 800 full of shaving cream at murdoch. that man was quickly arrested. amid the scandal, there is now a call for extra resources for the police investigation so new hacking victims can be informed more quickly. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. also making headlines, the latest on reports that the taliban's leader is dead. and big news in the same- sex marriage debate. new york city is preparing for an influx of couples to say i do starting this sunday. but every couple would wants to tie the knot that day may not
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get the chance. we'll tell you why the city is holding a license lottery. 
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the taliban denying that their leader is dead. a spokesman for the taliban said there is no truths to the reports that mullah omar died. the shuttle atlantis set to land tomorrow in florida. the final mission in that is' 30-year shuttle program. atlantis undocked from the international space station yesterday. the crew delivered a year's worth of supplies to the station. we'll carry the landing live tomorrow right here on fox 5. starting sunday, scene of the accident couples in new york will legally be allowed to tie the knot. but so many people want to get married the city had to institute a lottery for the licenses. legally, these couples need a clerk to process their license and i judge to waive the normal 24-hour waiting period.
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the mayor says the clerk's office can only handle so many applications, 764 to be exact. coming up income, scientists thought things were under control but looks like the infamous frankenfish may be spreading again. >> we'll check back in with tucker for the full forecast. we'll tell you which hot weather songs you are talking about on our facebook page this morning. we appreciate you weighing in. we'll share some of those coming up. 
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we asked to you tell us your favorite song about the summer on our facebook page. got to give a shot out to d actual inform i kiro 7 actual blocker who was the first to mention t she said the song just make her want to get out and try to envoy the heat.
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-- got to give a shot out to danica blocker who was the first to mention it. >> do you have the fresh prince on your walk man? >> no, but i liked that song back in the day. >> we had some rumbles of thunder coming through overnight. are we down with that? >> rain oust here and we're just looking at sort of hot, muggy conditions to start your morning. could be an isolated storm later today. i know everybody is wondering when the heat gets here. the heat is here to stay. the real heat gets here tomorrow. we are talking about king russ heat with triple digit temperatures. 77 right now at reagan national. -- we are talking about dangerous heat with triple dim -- digit temperatures. 75 in quan i co. 72 in leopardtown. 76 as you start your morning in
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annapolis. very warm start here. very mild conditions expected for the start of your morning and then downright hot here by late morning, early afternoon. satellite-radar, not much to show you. quiet conditions. steve asked about the rain. it is out of here. not i allot happening. our frontal system from yesterday just kind of fell apart just to our south. that didn't amount to much. out to the west, we got the jet stream which is really a big ridge across central sections of the country has relaxed a little bit. that will allow the hot air to flow east. it will be new york right down to richmond going to be looking at extreme heat over the next couple of days. it will be building today. we'll be back into the mid-90s. the real deal gets here tomorrow with an excessive heat watch. this is already in effect for the national weather service way tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. this is an actual air temperature, forecast to be about 100. you mix some the humidity, it will feel like 110 plus. this is a graduated version of a heat advisory. excessive heat watch for the afternoon tomorrow. likely stick around for friday,
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maybe even saturday. this will be a very slow-moving air mass. 95 today, mostly sunny, hot and humid. code orange air quality. that is moderate air quality, unhealthy for the elderly. 7 # your overnight low with wind out of the south at five miles per hour. there is your five-day forecast. -- 78 your overnight low with wind out of the south at five miles per hour. saturday, 101. sunday, 96. all right, lauren, i'll hand this over to you. you know what this makes me think of. >> you missed it. thank you, we do have an accident reported if you are traveling in laurel southbound i-# 5 just before 198. it is on the shoulder now but we are starting to see delays now as you head southbound. in montgomery county, new hampshire avenue at oak view drive, watch for the wreck
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there. sky fox is in montgomery county flying over this water main break. this is georgia avenue. both direction of jim moran are blocked between shorefield road and arcola -- both directions of georgia are blocked between shorefield road and arcola. also deal with the issue in arlington. 66, an accident as you head inbound just before nutley street. you see the right leap is blocked. delays from route other fair oaks as you head eastbound. this is the incident in arlington. north glebe road at washington boulevard remains shut down for the earlier wreck. if you are traveling south on glebe road, you can access 66. that is good news there. 95 northbound, you are starting to see some volume in the main lanes as you head up into springfield. 395 running pretty well right now. we do have brief delays northbound approaching duke street. but then moving up to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. some have dubbed them
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frankenfish. this morning, there are concern that the invasive snake head fish is still spreading. the first fish first turned up in 2002 at a pond in crofton. scientists thought they were contained. maybe not. scientists have now found an egg-bearing snake head in the river near annapolis. >> with all this rain we had in winter and spring, we have fresher water in the bay than we've had since 2004 when the fish was established in the potomac. >> the snake heads are predators. your job security my be looking pretty good if you are a federal worker. "usa today" analyzed the numbers from the office of personnel manage machine and found that the job security rate for federal workers in the
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budget year that ended september 30th was more than 99%. in the private sector, around 3% of workers are fired each year for poor performance alone. got 
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a great day on the market especially for anybody with apple stock. lauren similar sunsety with fox business network joins us with our business beat. i don't want to hear about it because i sold it two years ago. you got to be kidding me. this inis on a run. >> $400 then some. good morn, steve of apple stock amazing. another record-breaking quarter for the company. even the ceo steve jobs who by the way is still out on sick leave, said it was the best quarter ever. tip acheally, they will give you cover guidance and they beat expectations. we are talking about profits rising by 125% to more than $7 billion you are looking at the
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rope why, iphone and ipad. in terms of ipad, basically, apple made and sold every single ipad it could get its ha nine million in the quarter to be exact. so shares are up this morning. >> is it possible that a company like this could get too big? >> yes. it is very possible. and also, you know, wall street is getting aling annoyed at apple right now because they keep giving such conservative estimates and then surpassing them. so that kind of peeves investors. >> the rest of the day today, we had agreat day yesterday. are we going to see it continue today or did we run it up too much yesterday. >> dow futures are up another 40 points right now. 202-point gain yesterday on the dow. that was the best gain of the year. there are hopes in washington that lawmakers will come to some sort of debt agreement. that is what pushed things. >> yeah, those hopes do continue here. we'll see you tomorrow. a traffic alert for you
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this morning. an accident involving a local police officer shuts don a major intersection. we'll take a -- down a major intersection. we'll take a look at how that affects the morning commute. soy ate man found shot to death inside his home in fairfax county. more on this investigation when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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tomorrow, we'll be on the road and we hope you come out and say hello or at least tune in to watch. we are honoring 150 years of civil war history. 150 years tomorrow since the first battle of manassas, the first major fight of the civil war p we'll be in manassas all morning tomorrow. we'll take an in-depending look at the legacy of what happened there. it will be a special show and we hope you enjoy it. >> you guys will be really hot out there. >> that is true. >> speaking of too hot. >> yes, we asked to you post
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your favorite hot weather songs on facebook. we got a big response. some like the song you are listening to now by one of my favorite groups of all time, k. on ol and the gang. it is called too hot. it is too hot. >> yes. it will be too hot too. >> it will get hotter. >> it will get hotter and hotter from here. >> and you like nelly. >> yes, i do, man. >> he with miss you dancing. >> that is probably a good thing. >> what is the song? >> it's getting hot in here. we'll leave it at that. we don't want you taking off your clothes. the heat is on. uncomfortable yesterday. won't be great today eager. -- won't be great today either. big thunderstorm complex through chicago. that won't get in here. we could see appear isolated
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storm later today but generally just hazy, hot and humid with highs expected to be back in the 90s. currently, 77 degrees. humidity, 84%. highs later today, back into the 90s. the real heat gets in here tomorrow. we have an excessive heat watch. i'll show you that. we've got ask the weather guy coming up. we decided we're going to not do weather-related questions because it's hot. >> you got to give us a tease. >> it will be about animals. >> that is. cog up in a few minutes. first, lauren has a look at traffic. >> we have several ipse going on right now. we want to head out to the scene we've been talking about in arlington. it was an accident where a police officer was involved so it will be there for some time. take a live look from
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trafficland -- we'll start off with this actually. look lick the wreck on 66 has cleared. you will be off and on the brakes from route 50 fair oaks. now, as you travel north glebe road at wash boulevard, the intersection does remain shut down. the good news is, if you are southbound on glebe road, you can access 66. northbound, you will the though be able to. here we are traveling the beltway, heavy and she the inner loop to the right of your screen leaving springfield headed up past braddock road. let's head over to maryland. making the trip southbound 95 year 1 # 8, we had reports of a recollect on the right shoulder. the right of your screen, the southbound traffic approaching that area, you can see everyone is moving.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have more now on a developing story out of fairfax county, a man shot to deathen side his open home. police found the body of 75- year-old gary hanson inside his home on chancellor way. heavily armed officers canvassed the area and warned neighbors to stay indoors. they have issued a bulletin for the victim's son richard hanson, due to a medical issue. police are searching for a man who broke into an apartment in horton and sexually assaulted a woman inside. the alleged attack happened early saturday morning on lewis chapel circle. the sussexually salted the woman and then left. police say there were children inside the apartment but they are not hurt. certainly turned into a
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tough hike on one of the hottest days of the year. fox 5 conning to monitor metro and the latest escalator issue. metro says one of the three escalators at the bethesda station was already under repair and the other two failed. that led to scenes like this. the escalators out of service for about an hour. the overwhelming heat make the metal expand and they say that can lead to mechanical failures. they are expecting more out ans as the week and the hot weather continue. if you encounter an issue with your commute, e-mail us at fox 5 metro at g a roam natural airports board is holing a special meeting today to discuss the new metro station coming to dulles airport. the meeting comes as pressure goes to reconsider the decision to build a metro station underground. thank you's meeting will discuss a proposal by transportation secretary ray lahood to save money by building the station above ground.
6:36 am
the dulles metro project is getting a boost from loudoun county where officials agreed to foot the cost of building three parking garages but there are some conditions. loud occupy county officials want the metro station above ground and the airport authority has to donate land for one of the garages. finally, no local tax money can be used to pay for the garages. other top stories, house republicans passed their cut, cap and balance plan but it is dead on arrival in the senate. another proposal bit so-called bipartisan gang of six senators mixes spending cuts with increased taxes. the problem is it lacks specifics and many senators doubt there is enough time to push it through congress before the deadline. update on the british phone hacking scandal plaguing rupert murdoch's media empire. he testified before parliament answering questions about the scandal. he told british lawmakers he was ashamed of what happened but said he is not to blame. he also rejected reports that
6:37 am
phones of 9-11 victims have been hacked. >> we have seen for evidence of that at all and as far as we know, the fbi haven't either. if they do, we will treat it exactly the same way as we treat it here and i can for the believe it happened from anyone in america. >> two and a half hours into the testimony, a protester threw a plate of shaving cream at rupert murdoch. murdoch's son james also testified. turkd british prime minister david cameron testifies before parliament. lawmaker want to know how much cameron knew about the scandal and how many times he met with murdoch or top associate at his news international. news corp., the parent company of fox 5. leslie johnson was back at work yesterday but she has no staff and no office funding sin the council asked her to step down after she pled guilty to
6:38 am
destroying evidence in june. she says she will leave at the end of the month when she is sentenced. her hurks former county exec jack johnson, pled guilty to extortion and witness tampering in may. -- her husband, former county exec jack johnson pled guilty to extortion and witness tampering in may.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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do you play angry birds? >> no, my kids do. >> don't get started. very addictive. >> drop have to worry about that. >> you won't be able to stop until you're done. >> if you fancy yourself an angry birds expert, you can put yourself to the test with an event happening in arlington.
6:42 am
>> lauren demarco has been working the smart phone zone and joins us with more on this whole angry birds thing. >> i will say for the record that it is your fault i got hooked in the first place. >> don't start blaming me. >> 100% on you. >> you had nothing to do with it. >> nice. angry birds is now downloaded somewhere around a million times a day. so i know plenty of you can play it. the renaissance arlington capital view hotel has created an angry birds happy hour at its restaurant. i know it sounds maybe a little bit nerdy but i want to tell you i went there to check it out and i think it is definitely worth the trip. >> i play god of the angry birds. >> tom is the senior manager of operations for beverage and food of the hotel. he picks which version of the game will be played and the level the players have to start
6:43 am
on. >> i feel pretty confident about my angry bird skills. >> i only saw it last night for the first time. so i figure if i'm second or third, i'm doing good. you don't have to be a master and even if you l.a. an egg, so to speak, there is always next week. >> i did okay. i could have done better. >> i think i'm probably going to download some more angry birds. i juan used to that level. i'm going to try to strategize. >> reporter: now, the prys, pretty phenomenal. desist certificates for dinner for two at the restaurant and free stays at the hotel. plus, each week's win are will be in the pool for the drawing of an ipad 2. >> it is free to come in and play. there is no charge to nip. we invite everybody to come in and give it a try. >> reporter: to go along with the game, there are some fancy cocktails can you try out and a special happy hour menu. i expected pork and bacon but there is actually several chicken dishes on there. not sure how the bird would feel about that. >> we've got their eggs as
6:44 am
well. don't tell them. >> the angry bird would be happy to know that along with embracing new technology, the renaissance is also rated as a green hotel. >> for energy conservation, the materials that are used to build the hotel, water conservation, we actually compost all of our foodgoes to virginia farms is where we get a lot of our product from. >> reporter: the angry birds happy hour is strictly 21 and over but kid are welcome in the restaurant and they plan to offer a high-tech experience for them every night. >> most have theling color things for kids when they are coming in the restaurant. we are bringing in i touches for them to play video games before their dinner. >> back to the happy hour. it will run every thursday now through august 25th. >> happy hours versus angry hour with angry birds. this is perfect. >> the happy hour runs 4:00 to
6:45 am
7:00 p.m. and it sounded like tomorrow night's prize, they're still figuring it out but it sound like it will an least one free night at the hotel. for more information, head to and look on the morning page for the smart phone zone. so what do you guys think? you interested? >> i'm out. i spend enough time. i got through the basic levels and it is amazing how much tree time i have now on my hand. >> i don't play at all. >> you do want play? no, my kids play. >> they've got the new bird that has like a big beak and he twirls around. >> you got a ways to go. >> thank you very much. go steak take some friend, have a good time -- go take some friend, have a good time. >> it is indoors. >> you get a little air conditioning too. >> you might want to do some indoors in the next couple of days because temperatures will
6:46 am
be the extreme side. not so much today. today will be uncomfortable but as we get to tomorrow, we are getting into triple digits. 77 right now at reagan national. any time you are doing overnight lows in the 70s, you know that won't be a great day. 77 at reagan national. 72 in leonardtown. lots of haze out there. let me mention the dew point temperature are in the 70s. that measures the huge for us. that is on the up comfortable -- that measures the humidity for us and that is on the uncomfortable side. 74 in baltimore. not a chance to cool off. showers and thunderstorms rolling on through. those have dissipated overnight. with the jet strohmeyer relaxing, it has been very amplified out to the west for the past week or so with the jet stream kind of relaxing, that will allow a lot of people
6:47 am
heat to start streaming into the mid-atlantic. our temperatures will be in the mid-90s appear than starting tomorrow, believe it or not, triple digit here to stay right through the start of the weekend. and because of that, we have an excessive heat watch. that is posted by the national weather service. this is sort of a graduated version of a heat advisory. this is a reel deal. this will be in effect later tomorrow afternoon and through tomorrow night. look like the heat index measuring the actual air temperature and the humidity, 110 so it will be dangerous. later tonight, clear, warm and muggy. here is a forecast. 100 tomorrow. 103 on friday. could be some late day storms on friday to kind break things up. we'll be flirting with records over the next couple of days. i think our actual record for
6:48 am
friday is 104, believe it or not. we are in the hottest time of year. but any time you are talking about 100 degrees in wash, that is unusual. >> not good. >> it is time for ask the weather guys. that is the incredibly interesting segment where tony perkins and i put our famously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. i thought i would take a break. today's question comes from richard and joanne. they right and it is a good question too. i did not know the answer. why is it that dogs and cats chase their tails? can they control the movement of their tails or is that involuntary. >> i would say the rope they chase their tails as because they're -- the reason they chase their tails is because they're dumb. just putting it out there.
6:49 am
you etheling thing. you turn around in circles. you're just dumb. >> all right. . send all e-mails to wisdom martin. >> there are thee basic reasons why dogs and cats chase their tails. dog and cats are social animals and they know they get attention from their caretakers by performing. so this is perform's art in a way for cats and dogs. they get positive feedback. >> so they are smarter than you think they are. >> do you ask the animal. >> give us another rope. >> the first one is entertainment. the second -- do we have more of these? these are great. anxiety or boredom. they just develop a bad habit. oftentimes, animals are left alone for long periods of time
6:50 am
by themselves. if they don't have toys to play with or other animals to play with, they will do it out of boredom. we humans pick up their own bad habits. >> i want wonder do all animals do it. all cats and dog do it? >> no, no, no, only some cats and dogs. the final reason is medical. they could have something that is bothering them on the back side of their body or their tail like fleas and they will start to try to get the tail to take care of the flea problem. >> what would happen if they actually caught the tail? >> i don't know. they'll just chew on it. i mean it is sort of like your arm. you are anot going to chew it off. >> i had dog that chew on legs and feet. >> actually, i would say they are actually smarter than you might think. >> i would too, wisdom.
6:51 am
we're going to gang up on you. >> they are all about entertainment. >> i just answered the question to the best of my knowledge. please don't send me any e- mails. i'm just a guess here. i want to come back. >> if they are doing it for attention, they get people to get the video camera out. >> dogs and cats got to down. they get to hang out all day, and they get fed. >> i did have a dog when i was younger. i loved that dog. he was very smart. >> maybe we'll get you another one. >> if you have a question, go to you can come back in a few machine and wisdom will still be explaining himself. >> let's check in with lauren now. >> i want to know why it is a bad habit. i think it is just a habit. i like when my dog is chasing his tail.
6:52 am
he is not giving me the slobbery toys. >> wisdom's dog used to do that. he was the smartest dog in the world. >> i miss boston. >> we're still dealing with the problem in montgomery counselee. georgia avenue, sky fox is ore the scene as you travel georgia avenue south of randolph road. you will find it shut down. we had a water main break there. can you not access it north or southbound. let's head out to trafficland. we also had reports of a wreck in montgomery county westbound 307 at 270. now, we condition see that in this camera angle. we are looking at 270 southbound there to the far left of your screen. beltway to the right of your screen, out are loop through montgomery county, your delays from college park into silver spring. the typical stretch, no
6:53 am
accidents reported. same story in virginia. inner loop has it leaving springfield. you have delays off and on from route 50 fair oaks. glebe road remains shut down in arlington at washington boulevard. you can still access 66. >> thank you. there is progress on a blood test designed to screen people for alzheimer's disease. >> researchers in australia experimented on 1,000 people. they said that test did a good job of finding out how much plaque is locationed in people's brains. also in health, c-sections are at an all-time high in the u.s. actually new report of hospital records from 19 states shows that c-sections from 27% of all births in 2002, they went from 27% to 34% in 2009.
6:54 am
some of ropes cited in the survey included convenience for the doctor or mother and the woman giving birth later in life. some major store chains now teaming up with the first lady to offer more nutrition foods at affordable prices. today, michelle obama will announce that national chains have agreed to open new stores or expand old ones in low- income communities. it is all part of an effort to bring affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to impoverished areas. coming up next, the best way to get inspired is sometimes to spend a little more time outdoors. >> holly morris has more on the beauty that artists find in nature. memyyoph
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6:56 am
6:57 am
good morning i am holly morris have you ever been
6:58 am
somewhere and said this is beautiful. they are hosting the 7th plane air festival one of the pre mere competitions and art festivals going on in our area as we speak this morning we will find out why so many artists and art collectors make this a destination each and every year so they can come and be a part of the process. >> one of the reasons it is so picturesque is because they keep the streets so clean. >> got to love live tv and perfect timing for that. we will have talk about the process of painting, they have workshops wonderful food available, wonderful art for you to buy we have several
6:59 am
artists that will create just for us we will give them the morning show time see what they can come up with and inspire you to make a road trip and experience the charm that is available here in pretty as a picture in easton. wisdom. >> our facebook fan of the day, joyce she just changed her profile picture to remind her why she wanted sum. >> no space between fox and 5 and post a comment under georgia's photo although a little snow may not be bad right now. let's send it over to -- say goodbye to steve and good morning to sarah. >> you will get more angry e- mails about wanting snow. >> i was just saying i love animals. i love

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Arlington 14, Washington 7, Georgia 6, Lauren 4, Pepco 4, Rupert Murdoch 3, Virginia 3, Humidity 3, Murdoch 2, Manassas 2, Jim Moran 2, Jack Johnson 2, Arcola 2, Steve 2, Holly Morris 2, Stacy Cohan 2, Maryland 2, Springfield 2, Fairfax 2, Baltimore 2
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